About Us

Our Hospital

North Lakes Day Hospital has staff that are highly trained, patient-focused and supported by a fantastic central team of Managers. The design of the hospital sees patients entering surgery in a relaxed, confident state and leaving knowing they have received a standard of care that is unsurpassed.

We offer a range of surgical services such as Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Pain Management, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Hand Surgery, Dermatology and Oncology & Haematology. We also have a hernia Clinic and Haemorrhoid Clinic. We can provide over 10,000 procedures annually from our state-of-the-art theatres. Providing the latest equipment to our surgeon’s allows us to ensure we facilitate the highest quality patient outcomes. To support this, we have invested heavily in technology-driven, scalable, robust medical equipment.

Our global search for excellence in Sterilisation Techniques has seen our CSSD area designed with a one-way traffic flow and pass through sterilizing equipment, imported directly from Europe. This is all serviced by a Reverse Osmosis treatment plant and highly skilled CSSD staff.

Facilities Include:

  • 3 State of the Art Operating Theatres
  • 4 Oncology Chairs
  • 4 Specialist Suites
  • 30+ Specialists
  • The 986sqm facility has been totally redesigned to incorporate the latest in patient flow management.
  • The Hospital decor incorporates the look and feel of a Day Spa with an emphasis on Patient Experience.
  • Pre-operative waiting areas will introduce the new Day Spa lounge design with outward-facing windows.
  • World Class one-way pass through Central Sterilisation Department.
  • Open Access endoscopy available. Bookings can be made by calling 07 3833 6701.
  • Open Access endoscopy available. Bookings can be made
    by calling 07 3833 6701.